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GPA Definitions

Term GPA:  The GPA of a single semester/term at UL Lafayette.

Cumulative GPA:  The GPA (as of each semester/term) of all prior semesters/terms at UL Lafayette.

Total Institution GPA:  The GPA of all credits completed at UL Lafayette.

Total Transfer GPA:  The GPA of all credits earned external of UL Lafayette.

Overall GPA:  The GPA of all credits completed (includes UL Lafayette credit and external credit). This is the official GPA that appears on a student’s official transcript and is used to determine academic honors and academic probation and suspension.  

Adjusted GPA:  The GPA calculated by including totals from only the last attempt for repeated courses. The Adjusted GPA is used for graduation eligibility and eligibility for participation in some extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.