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Withdrawal/Resignation (Drop Classes)

The Schedule Adjustment Period (Drop/Add) is the allowable period for you to self-manage your scheduled courses via the registration portal. In a regular semester (spring or fall), drop/add ends on the fifth (5th) day of classes; in a summer session or part of term course, this period ends on the third (3rd) day of classes. Specific dates for each semester can be found in the appropriate Academic Calendar. Following drop/add, a student must formally make schedule adjustments with academic consultation.

Withdrawal - Dropping one specific class or multiple classes; but not all, from your schedule. You will continue to remain enrolled for the semester since you still have some classes registered. The withdrawn class(es) will receive a grade of "W," and you remain financially responsible for the tuition and fees for the associated class(es).

Resign (Drop all classes) - Withdrawing from all classes in a specific semester. All classes will receive a grade of "W." Please review the Credit Adjustment Policy in regard to the timeframe for refunds.

Process to Request a Withdrawal/Resignation

To request to be withdrawn/resigned, academic approval is required. Students are to meet with the appropriate office to initiate the request, see chart below.

  • If you are a student athlete, please initiate your request with
  • If you are an international student, please initiate your request with
  • If you are requesting a military withdrawal, you must upload a copy of your military orders with your request.

After initiating the request, the approver will provide you with information to formally submit your request electronically.

The electronic form is available through 11:59 PM on the deadline date specified in the Academic Calendar

Student Type

Office to Report to
Initiate Resignation

Office Location

Contact Information

Graduate Student

Graduate School

Martin Hall
Room 332

(0-59 Hours Earned)

Academic Success Center

Lee Hall 
Room 115

(60+ Hours Earned)

Academic Dean’s Office

**See Below**



Fletcher Hall
Room 205


Business Administration

Moody Hall
Room 236


Education & Human Development

Maxim Doucet Hall
Room 105



Madison Hall
Room 106


Liberal Arts

H.L. Griffin Hall
Room 101


Nursing & Health Sciences

V.L. Wharton Hall
Room 254



Oliver Hall
Room 201


University College

DeClouet Hall
Room 104

Non-Degree Seeking

University Connection

Martin Hall
Room 169

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