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Forms & Applications

Students should note that accessing forms differs depending on when you were an active student:

  • If you are a current student, or you last attended UL Lafayette in Fall 2016 or later, then complete the form in the "Last Attended Fall 2016 to Present" column.
  • If you last attended UL Lafayette before Fall 2016 then complete the PDF form in the "Last Attended Prior to Fall 2016" column.

Forms for Students:

Category Form Name Last Attended Fall 2016 to Present Last Attended Prior to Fall 2016
FERPA Permission to Release Educational Record Online Form PDF
FERPA Req. to Withhold Directory Information Online Form PDF
Grades Emergency Grade Request for Fall 2020 Online Form N/A
Grades Request for Application of Repeat Rule Online Form N/A
Grades Request for Extension of Incomplete PDF N/A
Grades Transcript Request Online Form PDF
Graduation Duplicate Diploma Order Online Form PDF
Registration Variable Credit Request Online Form N/A
Student Information
Change of Student InformationChange Name, Address, Email, Phone, DOB, or SSN
Online Form PDF
Student Information Request Preferred Name Online Form PDF
Request for Certification of InformationVerify enrollment, academic standing, or non-attendance
Online Form PDF