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Schedule of Classes

The  Schedule of Classes is a resource to help your decision-making and planning on which courses to take and at what times. Please remember to check the schedule as classes often, as the listings may change as courses are added, removed, or edited. The schedule of classes is updated throughout the day to provide current information.

Browse Classes (Real-Time Schedule of Classes)

This tool allows you to see what courses are offered for a term.


Browse Classes


Daily Course Schedule Reports

View the daily course schedule report by term:
This report is a snapshot of course availability and enrollment at the time-stamped date/time. The Course Schedule Report is updated daily by 9:00 a.m. Please be sure to verify the date on the report. If the report does not have the current date you will need to clear your Internet cache. To easily navigate this report and find the course information you are in need of, use the find function by pressing the CTRL key and the F key, and for MAC users, use the command key and F key.