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Change of Major Request

If you are in need of the following service, please contact the appropriate office to initiate your request.

Change of Major/Minor/Concentration/Catalog

Graduate Students
If you are graduate student or an online graduate student, please initiate your request with

Undergradute Students
The proper office/advisement to change your major is based on your Cumulative GPA and your earned hours. The chart below will provide guidance on if you are to consult with either an Academic Advisor or your Academic Dean's Office.


Cumulative GPA

Office To  Initiate Change

Email Contact Information

Freshman/Sophomore (0-59 Hours)

0.00 - 4.00

Academic Success Center

Junior/Senior (60+ Hours)

0.00 - 1.99

Academic Success Center

Junior/Senior (60+ Hours)

2.00 - 4.00

Academic Dean's (of *new* major)

 ***SEE BELOW***

Dean’s Office Contact Information:

Academic College

Email Contact Information

Business Administration        


Liberal Arts



Nursing and Allied Health


University College