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Late Registration Fee Appeal

Late Registration Fee Appeal

General Information:
The late registration fee is assessed when a student does not initiate registration prior to the Tuition and Fee Payment deadline published on the Academic Calendar.

To dispute a late registration fee, you must make a formal appeal to the Tuition and Fee Appeals Committee.

Committee Information:
The appeals committee, comprised of representatives from several University departments, reviews each student’s request and makes a determination. The committee can deny or approve the request to remove the late registration fee(s) from your student account.

1. You must submit an appeal to the Tuition and Fee Appeal Committee.

Appeal must include the following:
• Student Name and ULID
• Current contact information; this includes a mailing address, phone/cell phone number
• Term requested and amount
• Valid reasoning with explanation /justification for consideration of appeal

2. The committee must receive the appeal and all supporting documentation by the end of the semester (last day of finals) in which the charges were incurred. Appeal information is to be submitted to:


Office of the University Registrar-Martin Hall, Room 171
ATTN: Fee Committee
P.O.  Box 41208
Lafayette, La. 70504

Fax: (337) 482-6286

3. The Tuition and Fee Appeal Committee will review your appeal, and you will be notified via your University e-mail when a decision is made.

4. If your request is approved, your tuition and fee account will be automatically adjusted within 1-2 weeks.