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Change an Incomplete (I) Grade

A student who is doing passing work but due to circumstances beyond his/her control does not complete the approved coursework by the end of the semester in which the course was scheduled, may receive a grade of I (Incomplete), at the discretion of the instructor.  A course in which a grade of I has been earned is not applicable toward a degree. 
The grade of I can be converted to a grade of A, B, C, D, F, NC, or CR upon completion of course requirements, as specified by the instructor.  Once course requirements are completed, the instructor must submit an official change of grade card for the I grade to be changed to the appropriate grade earned by the student. 
If the grade of I is not changed by the resignation date in the following regular semester, then the grade will be automatically changed to an F (or an NC in a CR/NC course).  A change of an I grade to a grade of F may change the student’s academic status.
Requests can be made in extenuating circumstances, such as prolonged medical problems, serious accidents, death in the immediate family, etc., for an extension of the deadline for completion of an I grade.  The request for extension of the I grade must be initiated by the student and must be signed by the instructor of the course, the Department Head of the course, the Academic Dean of the course, and the student’s Academic Dean.  The extended deadline may not be beyond the deadline for dropping with a grade of W in the following semester.