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Meaning of Grades

Below is a list of grades which are commonly assigned to indicate academic performance in courses:
Grade Assigned
A Superior Quality
B Above Average Quality
C Satisfactory Quality
D Poor Quality
F Unsatisfactory Quality
FS Student failed course that he/she stopped attending
FN Student failed course that he/she never attended
CR/S Satisfactory completion
S* Satisfactory completion (Conversion - Graduate Students Prior to FA16)
NC/U Unsatisfactory completion
NR No Grade Reported
NR* No Grade Reported (Counts as F)
I/PI Incomplete/Permanent Incomplete
Additional grades which may also be used include:
W Withdrawal from course
WX Withdrawal from course due to administrative error (Effective Summer 2010 Session through Summer 2017)
WM Withdrawal from course due to military activation (Effective Summer 2010 Session)
AU Audit of a course
T When preceding a grade, used to designate transfer credit
ED Emergency D
EF Emergency F
P Pass

Repeated Courses: I = Final Attempt, Included in Earned Hours ; A = Previous Attempt(s), Excluded from Earned Hours. (Effective FA16)

Prior to Fall 2016, repeated courses were indicated by a R.

Further information regarding grading policies and practices can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.