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Faculty and Staff Forms

All Registrar forms for University Faculty and Staff can be found below. 

Electronic Requests

The following forms or email templates are to be used by colleges and departments to utlize when emailing approvals to the Registrar's Office. 

Form Management

Records Forms and Templates:

Change of Grade Request
Incomplete Grade Extension Request

Registration Forms and Templates:

Administrative Error Registration Cancellation
Audit a Course Request
Late Schedule Adjustment Request

Dynamic Forms Templates:

Return for Revision Email Template

Electronic Services Contact List:

Use the services contact list to find the proper email address to submit your request/inquiries.

Additional Information:

  • Must email one student and one request in email request. Do not email multiple request for a student (ie: change of major and drop) and do not include multiple students in a request (withdrawals for more than one student record).
  • Must use the provided email "Subject" line. This is required for records management purposes.
  • Must include all required information for request to be processed timely.
  • Must have any necessary approvers included on email thread, if necessary, for a request.
  • Approvers/Authorized Personnel: All colleges and departments have provided the Office of the University Registrar with a list of approvers/authorized personnel. If you are not on the provided list, we will forward the request to the individual who has been identifed as an approver. If you need to make adjustments to your list of approvers, please email
  • For security reasons, emails must be sent from your University-issued email address.