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Late and Retro-Active Withdrawal/Resignation


Late Withdrawal/Resignation

Request to be withdrawn/resigned following the published deadline date through the last day of classes, per the Academic Calendar.

How to request: A request for a late withdrawal/resignation is initiated through your academic dean's office. If approved, your dean’s office will provide you with information to submit an electronic request. Once approved and processed, requested class(es) will be graded with a "W."

Retroactive Withdrawal/Resignation

Request to withdraw/resign from a semester after the semester has ended.

How to request: A request for a retroactive withdrawal/resignation is initiated through your academic dean's office, where you will provide documentation of the extenuating circumstance leading to your request. If the request is approved by your academic dean's office, the dean’s office will provide documentation to the Registrar's Office for processing, resulting in grades of "W.”

Financial Responsibility
If your request to withdraw/resign late/retroactively is approved, you will remain financially accountable for the tuition and fees associated with the courses that were retroactively dropped from your record. 

Contact Information
All retroactive requests are to be sought through your Academic Dean’s Office, see chart below. 


Student Type

Office to Report to
Initiate Resignation

Office Location

Contact Information

Graduate Student

Graduate School

Martin Hal
Room 332

Undergraduate Student

Academic Dean’s Office

**See Below**



Fletcher Hall
Room 205


Business Administration

Moody Hall
Room 236


Education & Human Development

Maxim Doucet Hall
Room 105



Madison Hall
Room 106


Liberal Arts

H.L. Griffin Hall
Room 101


Nursing & Health Sciences

V.L. Wharton Hall
Room 254



Oliver Hall
Room 201


University College

DeClouet Hall
Room 104

Non-Degree Seeking

University Connection

Martin Hall
Room 169