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The Commencement Ceremony is a profound rite of passage. The ceremony itself encompasses the history and tradition of the University. The University commends you for all of your hard-work and dedication to your academic studies. We are truly proud to have such accomplished Ragin' Cajun alumni and alumna. Commencement day is a joyous and celebratory day for both the University and our graduates.

We invite you, your friends, your family, and members of the community to celebrate your graduation!

Commencement Ceremony
After a pause for several years, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has reinstated one of its oldest and most cherished traditions - the General Commencement Ceremony. At the General Commencment Ceremony, all graduates will be in procession in one location. The decision to return to the General Commencement was to restore a tradition cherished by many previous graduates. This is a tradition many top universities around the world have celebrated for centuries. Seeing the entire graduating class in one centralized location speaks volumes of the graduates and is a beautiful sight for the University and family and friends of the graduates.

Recent graduates have also become accustomed to a more personal touch provided at the Academic College Ceremony. We are committed to continuing this tradition. To that effect, multiple consecutive ceremonies, by college, will be held on the same day, allowing each graduate to walk and be recognized by name.
In the Fall of 2012 the University unveiled new commencement regalia and the University ring. The two additions were introduced to customize the regalia and add to the tailored aura of  the commencement ceremony.
Academic Dress
The Bachelor's gown is a vibrant vermilion red embroidered with UL Lafayette's fleur-de-lis on the chest. The Master's gown is a bold black also adorned with the University fleur-de lis. The Doctor's gowns are a beautiful blend of the bold black with accents of the vermilion red.
The design of the academic regalia and the colors worn are significant. The distinguishing mark of the gown is the sleeve. Bachelor's gowns have pleated fronts, semi-stiff yokes and long pointed sleeves. Master's gowns have an oblong sleeve with open at the wrist. The Doctoral gown's sleeves are bell-shaped with three velvet bars placed on the upper arm of a squared sleeve.
The most notable feature of academic dress is the hood. The colors of the lining, folded so that they are exposed in tthe back, are the official colors and patten of the University. The Master's hood is three and one half feet long, the Doctoral hood is four feet long. The color of the velvet border on the hood indicates the academic discpline of the degree.
University Ring
The University ring signifies the bond between graduates and their alma mater. The red stone represents the University's primary color, vermilion red, and also features the fleur-de-lis. The design incorporates other elements and images of campus life, including cypress and oak trees, the University's seal and Martin Hall, the main administrative building. Inside each ring is the inscription, "heart and hand"--the final three words of the University's Alma Matter.