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Conditions Used in Determining Residence Status - U.S. Residents

  1. A student living with his/her parents is classified as a resident if the parents have established a bona fide residence in Louisiana.  A parent is considered to have established a residence in Louisiana if actually residing and employed full time in the State.
  2. A student may be declared a resident if either parent is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  3. A student may be classified as a resident of Louisiana at the end of twelve (12) consecutive months of residence if employed in Louisiana and during that period he/she has not been registered in any educational institution for more than six (6) semester hours in any semester during this time.
  4. A student who is married to a Louisiana resident may acquire the resident status of his/her spouse.
  5. A student that moves away from the state and returns to Louisiana before two years have expired will not lose the right to be classified as a resident.
  6. A student who is/was a member of the full-time armed forces currently stationed in Louisiana and their dependents shall be classified as Louisiana residents.  A student who was stationed in Louisiana immediately prior to release from active duty may enroll him/herself or their dependents as residents, a period not to exceed six (6) months after the date of release.**
  7. A student who was a member of the full-time armed forces who was a resident of Louisiana immediately prior to entering the armed forces shall retain the right as well as his/her dependents to be classified as a resident.
  8. A student shall not lose the right to be classified as a resident during periods of employment in a foreign country.

** Student must contact Office of Veteran Services to determine eligibility.