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Considering withdrawing (dropping) from a course(s)? Resigning from all courses for the term? Understand your options and make an informed decision.

What is the difference between withdrawing from a course and resigning from the University?

  • Withdrawing from a course means that you are dropping one specific course or multiple courses from your schedule. However, you will continue to remain enrolled for term since you still have some courses registered. You are financially responsible for a course if withdrawing.
  • Resigning from the University means that you are withdrawing from all courses in a specific semester.  Please review the Credit Adjustment Policy in regards to the timeframe for refunds.

    The process for both (withdrawing from a course and resigning from the University) is the same; however, different deadlines apply.


Progress towards Degree

  • Dropping a course(s) may affect your time towards completion of your degree
  • Dropping a course that is a pre-requisite will delay your future progress


  • If you fall below full time (12 credit hours), it may affect your financial aid, scholarship, grants or loans
  • If you drop a course after the schedule adjustment period you will be financially responsible for the course - please see the Academic Calendar
  • If you resign from the University - please review the Credit Adjustment Policy deadline dates for refund information

Additional Considerations

  • Housing Eligibility
  • Car Insurance/Good Student Discount
  • Visa and/or other requirements for International Students
  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Veteran Benefits

Ask the Experts

The Office of the University Registrar highly recommends that students considering withdrawing (dropping) courses or resigning from the University seek guidance from (if applicable):

  • Academic Advisor
  • Student Financial Aid Counselor
  • Scholarship Office
  • Housing

Questions to Consider:

  • How will this impact my schedule next semester?
  • How will this affect my progress towards my degree?
  • Will this delay my graduation?
  • Will this impact my financial aid? Scholarships? Student Loans? On-campus job? Housing/Meal Plan?
  • Will I be responsible for tuition and fees?