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Registration Guide

The Office of the University Registrar's Registration Guide is intended to help students navigate many of the processes and requirements for registering for classes and ultimately getting their degree. Inside, you’ll find helpful content, like the Academic Calendar, the process for registration, and whom to contact about tuition and fees.

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to make using this Guide a regular part of their academic and professional routine. Rely on it for important dates and information, as well as a reference guide for contacting the Registrar's Office. You’ll notice throughout the Guide that we’ve included lots of helpful links to information on University websites, that way you don’t have to go searching everywhere yourself. You can also use the table of contents links to jump quickly to whatever information you need.

If there’s anything you need that the Guide doesn’t cover, or if you just want to talk to someone in the Registrar’s Office, don’t hesitate to reach out.

337-482-6291 | | Martin Hall, Room 171