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Cross Enrolled Students

General Information
Cross enrollment allows you as a UL Lafayette student to take courses at South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) in the same semester.  Courses taken at both institutions count towards total enrolled hours at your home institution (UL Lafayette).  
Terms to Know
Home Institution – UL Lafayette
Host Institution – SLCC
Any change to your schedule, including adding or dropping a cross enrolled course, must be completed in the UL Lafayette Registrar’s Office.
Maximum of 6 credit hours at SLCC for the Fall and Spring semester. 
Maximum of 3 credit hours at SLCC for the Summer semester.
*Students can not enroll in online courses.
Standard UL Lafayette tuition and fees are assessed for cross enrolled courses.  In addition, a cross enrollment fee will also be assessed.
Cross Enrollment Checklist
Step 1: Meet with your advisor to select the appropriate SLCC course(s).
Step 2: Complete a Transfer Credit form and submit to your Academic Dean's office.
Step 3: Complete SLCC application and Cross Enrollment form in the Registrar's Office.
(You'll need the SLCC course name, course number, CRN, day, time and location of the course you want to take.)
Step 4: Await e-mail notification from Registrar's Office regarding enrollment in SLCC course.
Need more information...
Please contact the UL Lafayette Registrar's Office:
Martin Hall, Suite 171, Room 133
(337) 482-6293
To find current course offerings at SLCC, please visit