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Retroactive Resignation

A retroactive resignation is when you desire to resign from a semester after that semester has ended.  A request for a retroactive resignation is initiated through your academic dean's office, where you will provide documentation of the extenuating circumstance leading to your request for a retroactive resignation.  If the request is approved by your academic dean's office, then a Resignation/Drop card will be sent forward to the Registrar's Office for processing, resulting in grades of "W" for the desired semester.

You must contact your academic dean’s office to inquire about initiation of the process and the documentation of the extenuating circumstance needed  for potentially being granted a retroactive resignation. If your request is approved by your academic dean's office, then please allow 1-2 weeks for corrections to be made to your academic record by the Registrar's Office.

Please note that if your request to retroactively resign is approved, you will still be financially responsible for the tuition and fees associated with the courses that were retroactively dropped from your record. 

Contact information for the Academic Deans' Offices is provided below:

College Contact Number
B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration (337) 482-6491
College of the Arts (337) 482-6224
College of Education (337) 482-6681
College of Engineering (337) 482-6685
College of Liberal Arts (337) 482-6219
College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions (337) 482-5604
Ray P. Authement College of Sciences (337) 482-6286
University College (337) 482-6829