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Resignation from the University

Please consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid as changes to your schedule may impact your financial aid status.

What is the difference between withdrawing from a course and resigning from the University?
Withdrawing from a course means that you are dropping one specific course from your schedule.  Resigning from the University means that you are withdrawing from all courses in a specific semester.  The process for both (withdrawing from a course and resigning from the University) is the same; however, different deadlines apply.
How do I resign from the University after the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add) Period ends?
Classification Cumulative GPA Office to Report to Initiate Resignation
Freshman/Sophomore (0-59 Hours) 0.00 - 4.00 Academic Success Center - Lee Hall
Junior/Senior (60+ Hours) 0.00 - 1.99 Academic Success Center - Lee Hall
Junior/Senior (60+ Hours) 2.00 - 4.00 Academic Dean's Office
Online students should email their name, CLID, and drop request to (undergraduate students) or (graduate students).
Graduate students are to initiate a resignation with the Graduate School.
When is the last day to resign from the University?
The deadline to withdraw from a class with a grade of "W" and the deadline to resign from the University are published in the Academic Calendar.  The deadline for voluntary resignation from the University is approximately 70% into the semester/session/intersession.
If you are attempting to withdraw from a class or resign from the University after the deadline, you must appeal to the academic dean of your college and present proof of extenuating circumstances before your request can be considered.
How does resigning affect my academics record?
If you resign or cancel your registration on or before the fourteenth (14th) day of class, in a regular semester (spring or fall), or by the seventh (7th) day of a summer session, you are required to reapply for admission for future enrollment.
If you resign after the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add) Period, you will be assigned grades of "W" for all courses in the semester which you resigned.
How will my financial obligtion to the University be affected if I resign?
Please review the Resignation Schedule for information regarding the tuition/fee refund you may receive depending on when you resigned for the semester.
Retroactive or late resignations from the university will incur a fee of $150.