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Tuition & Fee Appeals Procedure

General Information

To dispute tuition and mandatory fee charges once you’ve resigned, you must make a formal appeal to the Tuition and Fee Appeals Committee. Disputes are only considered under extenuating circumstances such as family emergency, or unanticipated medical reasons (see attached chart).

All fees associated with Housing and/or Meal Plans are not subject to appeal through this process.

Once a past debt to the University has been sent to the Attorney General's Office for collection, an appeal is no longer possible through the Tuition and Fee Appeal Committee. Students should communicate directly with the Attorney General’s Office in regard to setting up payment.

Candidacy Requirements:

To be an eligible candidate to submit an appeal you must meet the following criteria:

  • Resigned from all courses for the requested term. This means that you have received a grade of "W" (withdrawal) in all courses (full term and part of term) for the semester in which you are requesting an appeal.
  • Your outstanding debt is not turned over to the Attorney General for collection. 

Process and Appeal Submission Information:

The appeals committee, comprised of representatives from several University departments, reviews each student’s request and makes a determination. The committee can deny the request or approve it at intervals of 100%, 90%, 50%, or 25%.

*The committee meets on a monthly basis, please consider this when submitting and inquiring about the status of your appeal.*

1. You must formally resign from the University before submitting an appeal.
• If the student has any grades for the courses of the semester in question, the student responsible for meeting with their academic college regarding a resignation.

2. The student must submit a typed letter explaining the circumstances of the appeal, accompanied by supporting documentation.
• The student’s appeal must provide current contact information. This includes a mailing address, phone/cell phone number, and an e-mail address. 
Supporting documentation is required. All supporting documentation dates should align with the semester for which an appeal is sought. Please see the attached chart for required supporting documentation. The committee may request more documentation. 
Note: Failure to provide supporting documenation to validate the claim(s) may result in your appeal being unsuccessful. 

3. The committee must receive the appeal and supporting documentation by the end of the semester (last day of finals) in which the charges were incurred.

Appeal information is to be submitted to: 


Drop - Off: Office of the University Registrar-Martin Hall, Room 171
Postal Mail: ATTN: Fee Committee
P.O.  Box 41208
Lafayette, La. 70504
Fax: (337) 482-6286

4. The Tuition and Fee Appeal Committee will review your appeal, and you will be notified via e-mail on the outcome of your appeal.

5. If your request is approved, your tuition and fee account will be automatically adjusted within 1 week. Please check your Statement of Account via ULink. 

Financial Impact:

Non-Refundable Fees:

The following are non-refundable fees and will not be refunded upon approval of appeal:
• Late Fees
• Course Fees/Section Fees
• Student Medical Insurance Fee

Financial Aid:
In accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations, you may be required to forfeit any financial aid you've received, which may result in an outstanding balance owed to the University.

Circumstances Allowed To Appeal:


Required Documentation

(All information submitted is strictly confidential)

Recent medical condition
(unanticipated medical condition that   occurred during or immediately before the eligible semester)

Dated letter on letterhead from the attending physician from your resignation term containing the nature of your illness/injury, date of onset, dates of hospitalization/physician appointments, severity, and your inability to attend school due to the condition.

Physical or mental illness

Dated letter on letterhead from the attending physician from your resignation term containing the nature of your illness/injury, date of onset, dates of hospitalization/physician appointments, severity, and your inability to attend school due to the condition.

Immediate family emergency
(i.e. death or illness)

Death certificate or obituary notice. Dated letter on letterhead from the attending physician containing the dates of occurrence, nature, and severity of your relative’s illness/injury.

Immediate is defined as follows:  parents; spouse; children (by blood, adoption, or marriage); siblings; legal guardian. Documentation of relationship is required.

Care of immediate family member

(who has a temporary disability)

A statement of your family member’s disability, the family connection, dates of your absence from class, the necessity of the resignation.  A written statement from a qualified physician of the family member’s temporary disability and the beginning and ending dates of treatment and a statement confirming the care you gave and a written statement confirming the family connection.

Recent unanticipated financial problems (unanticipated financial circumstance that occurred during or immediately before the eligible semester)

Receipts of unexpected financial obligation, or proof of change of income status for you or the payer of your tuition bill. General lack of planning to pay for college or lack of being eligible for financial aid does not constitute a recent unanticipated financial problem.

Transferred to another University

Official transcript or official enrollment verification on letterhead with university seal from another university containing dates and term attended.

Circumstances Not Allowed To Appeal:

Personal misjudgments or irresponsibility involving the following:
• Transportation
• Availability of finances
• Time management
• Academic ability
• Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of University policies/procedures
• Dissatisfaction with Instructor, course content, delivery of instruction, academic progress, University “fit”