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Course Drop Policy

Effective Fall 2010 semester, undergraduate students exceeding the allowable number of courses dropped which result in a grade of W will be assessed a Course Drop Fee of $50 according to the schedule below.
Hours Earned Withdrawals Allowed without Fee
0 - 29 1 or 2 (no more than 3 in the first 59 hours)
30 - 59 1 or 2 (no more than 3 in the first 59 hours)
60 - 89 1
90 - 119 1
> 119 1
Withdrawals resulting from resignation from the University will not count toward the limit, nor will course withdrawals resulting from military activation (WM grades).  Withdrawals earned at other institutions will not count toward the limit.  Courses dropped before or during the Schedule Adjustment Period (drop/add) at the beginning of each semester are not recorded as W grades and thus do not impact the limits on withdrawals.
Hours Earned includes all college credit earned at each college/university attended.
Any W grades earned before the fall 2010 semester do not count toward the limit.
Withdrawal allowances cannot be “banked” or carried forward.  If you did not drop a course or use your allowable limit at one level does not mean you can use that allowance at the next level.
Any withdrawal that exceeds the limit stated in the above table will incur a $50 Course Drop Fee per occurrence.