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Withdrawing from a Course

Please consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid as changes to your schedule may impact your financial aid status.

How do I withdraw from a class after the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add) Period ends?
Undergraduate students (with less than 60 credit hours or less than a 2.0 GPA) must report to the Academic Success Center (Lee Hall, Room 115) to see a counselor to complete a Resignation/Drop card.
Undergraduate students (with more than 60 credit hours and higher than a 2.0 GPA) and graduate students must report to their academic dean's office to complete a Resignation/Drop card.
Online students in the RN->BSN Program should email their name, ULID, and drop request to
Online students should email their name, ULID, and drop request to (undergraduate students) or (graduate students).
When is the last day to withdraw from a class with grade of "W"?
The deadline to withdraw from a class with a grade of "W" is published in the Academic Calendar
If you are attempting to withdraw from a class after the deadline, you must appeal to the academic dean of your college and present proof of extenuating circumstances before your request can be considered.
How does withdrawing from a class affect my academic record?
Withdrawals in courses taken at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette cannot exceed the numbers allowed in the following table without the student incurring a fee for excessive withdrawals.
Note: The Withdrawal Policy is based on hours earned.
Withdrawals Allowed Without Additional Fees Being Accessed:
0-29 Hours Earned 1 or 2 Withdrawal(s)*
30-59 Hours Earned 1 or 2 Withdrawal(s)*
60-89 Hours Earned 1 Withdrawal
90-119 Hours Earned 1 Withdrawal
119 and Greater Hours Earned 1 Withdrawal
*No more than three (3) within the first 59 hours earned.
Note: Withdrawal allowances cannot be “banked” or carried forward.
Withdrawals Not Counted:
Withdrawals resulting from a resignation from the University will not count toward the limit, nor will course withdrawals resulting from military activation (“WM” grades).
Withdrawals earned at other institutions will not count toward the limit.
Schedule adjustments made during the “drop/add” period at the beginning of each term are not recorded as “W” grades and do not impact the limits on withdrawals.
How will my financial obligation to the University be affected if I withdraw from a class?
There is no tuition and fee appeal process for fees associated with a course dropped with grade of "W."
Any withdrawal that exceeds the limit stated in the table will incur a fee of $50 per course.