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Staff Services Contact List

Below is the Registrar's Office Staff Services Contact List, a detailed list of whom to contact for various services provided by the Registrar's Office.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the Contact List. 

You can reach our office by calling (337) 482-6291.


Point Person(s)

Academic Calendar Anita Babineaux
Academic Status Andre Landry
Address Change Vivian Winters
Administrative Cancellation Request Lori Frederick
Amnesty Andre Landry
Banner - Student Module Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
Banner - Catalog of Courses Andre Landry and Cammy Green
Change of Grade Kayleigh Murphy
Change of Major/Minor/Catalog Lori Frederick and Kayleigh Murphy
Change of Name/Date of Birth/SSN Kayleigh Murphy
Commencement  Kaye Choate
Committee on Academic Affairs and Standards Mickey Diez
Course Descriptions Kayleigh Murphy
Course Fees Kara Viator
Credit Posting (ACT/SAT and UCE) Andre Landry and Kaye Choate
Cross-enrollment Amy Bourque
Degree Checkout  Kaye Choate
Degree Verifications and Letters of Completion Kaye Choate
DegreeWorks Audits  Cammy Green
Diploma Services - Printing and Replacement Kaye Choate
Distance Learning Records Lori Frederick
Double Majors and Dual Degrees Kaye Choate and Lori Frederick
End of Term Processes  Anita Babineaux
Enrollment Verification Amy Bourque
FERPA and Student Privacy Mickey Diez
Final Exam Schedule Anita Babineaux
Final Grade Reporting Anita Babineaux
Graduation Questions Kaye Choate and Cammy Green
Late Registration Fee Appeals Lori Frederick
Late Schedule Adjustment Vivian Winters
Legacy Rule Residency  Amy Bourque
Letters of Good Standing  Amy Bourque
Linked Courses Kara Viator
Mass Registration Forms Vivian Winters
Master Schedule Changes Kara Viator
National Student Clearinghouse Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
NCAA Eligibility  Shawn Waltz
Non-Pay Drops Anita Babineaux
Overloads for Registration Vivian Winters
Overrides for Registration  Vivian Winters
Programs (Curriculum Updates) Lori Frederick
Records Management Andre Landry and Lori Frederick
Records Requests Andre Landry
Re-entry/Prior Record Uploads Kayleigh Murphy
Registration  Andre Landry and Lori Frederick
Repeat Processing Vivian Winters
Reports - Internal Use Only Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
Requests for Academic Facilities (Events) Kara Viator
Residency for Tuition Purposes Amy Bourque
Retroactive Registration Changes Andre Landry
Schedule of Classes Kara Viator
Security Access - Banner Student Module Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
Student Learner Records (Review/Updates) Lori Frederick
Subpoenas for Student Records Mickey Diez
Suspension Appeals Andre Landry
Time Tickets Anita Babineaux
Training Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
Transcript Requests Amy Bourque
Transfer Credit Evaluation Elizabeth Daigle, Jessica Martin, and Julie Himel
Tuition and Fee Appeals Lori Frederick
Verification of Enrollment  Amy Bourque
Waitlist Management Andre Landry and Lori Frederick
Website and Social Media  Lori Frederick, Simon Wooster and Shawn Thibodeaux
Withdrawal/Resignation  Vivian Winters