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Banner Training Materials

The Office of the University Registrar provides a variety of scheduled and ad-hoc training classes for faculty and staff.

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All training guides listed below are available through the Tutorials and Guides Tab on ULink. Once on the Tutorial and Guides tab, click Student Module Training to access the Registrar's Office training materials via Moodle. These training materials are intended to supplement, not replace, the in-person training that the Registrar's Office provides.

Access Training Materials

General Banner Guides:
  • Banner 9 Navigation
  • Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)
  • Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)
Faculty and Advisor Guides:
  • Faculty Self-Service User Guide
  • Student Profile Guide
  • Faculty Grade Entry
  • Class Roster Guide
  • Viewing Student Schedules
  • Student Success Manager (CRM Advise)
    • Student Success Manager Faculty Training
    • How to Submit Alerts in Student Success Manager
Registration & Browse Classes Guides:
  • How to Browse for Classes (View Course Schedule)
  • Printing an Instructor's Course List
  • Common Registration Errors
  • How to Register for Classes (Student Guide)
  • How to Agree to the Financial Obligation Policy (Student Guide)
  • How to View Your Schedule in Registration (Student Guide)
  • How to Use Registration Plans (Student Guide)
  • How to Adjust Variable Credit Courses (Student Guide)
Administrative Guides:
  • Granting Overrides
  • Managing Advisor Assignments
  • Managing Student Activities
  • Managing Student Attributes
  • Managing Student Holds (Non-Advisor Holds)
  • Viewing Course Schedule

Banner Training Videos:

  • Banner: Assigning Student Attributes
  • Banner: Removing Student Attributes
  • Banner: Granting Overrides
  • Banner: Hold Maintenance
  • Banner: Managing Advisor Assignments
  • Class Roster Training Guide
  • CRM Advise: How to Submit Alerts on Students
  • Dynamic Forms: Co-Signing Forms
  • Faculty Grade Entry: Importing Grades
  • Faculty Grade Entry: Inputting Grades
  • Faculty Self-Service Walkthrough
  • Student Profile: Navigation Training
  • Student Profile: Lifting Advising Hold
  • Student Profile: Viewing Student Schedule
  • Registration: Browsing for Classes
  • Registration: Registering for Classes
  • Registration: Using Registration Plans
  • Viewing Delivery Methods for Registered Courses
  • Viewing Delivery Methods When Registering for Courses
Miscellaneous Guides:
  • Banner Document Manager (BDM)
  • Transfer Evaluation System (TES)
  • FERPA Policy
For any questions regarding training guides or sessions, please email