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Training Courses Inventory

The Office of the University Registrar holds a variety of training courses throughout the year. These training sessions are a great opportunity for faculty, advisors, and staff to learn how to best utilize the available systems at UL Lafayette.


Training Session Session Description Intended Audience
Assigning Advisors Learn how to add, remove, and maintain a student's academic advisor information. Administrative Staff
Banner 9 Navigation Novice Banner users will learn the basics of navigating Banner 9 (Application Navigator), including name searches, navigation tools, filtering, and an exploration of basic Banner pages containing relevant student data. Administrative Staff
DegreeWorks  Focuses on navigating the DegreeWorks application and demonstrates how to create and run degree audits.  Administrative Staff & Academic Advisors
Departmental Administration Banner Training Training geared towards administrative professionals with limited Banner experience. This course provides a broad overview of how to complete various tasks in Banner 9 and Self-Service Banner. It includes basic Banner navigation, overrides, and assigning advisors. Administrative Assistants/Department Heads
Faculty Grade Entry Designed to assist faculty members with entering their grades into Banner. Faculty
FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) This training discusses the federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. It includes an overview of the rights granted to students by this federal law, requirements of university employees regarding accessing and releasing educational records, and a discussion of Directory Information. University Faculty and Staff
Overrides/Attributes/Holds Learn how to complete common processes in Banner occurring in many Administrative and Academic Departments, including granting override permissions, maintaining student attributes, and lifting non-advisor holds. This free-form course will adjust its material to match the audience’s needs. Administrative Staff
Student Profile New advisors and staff members will learn how to navigate the Student Profile, a Self-Service Banner (SSB) application that allows you to look up student information. You’ll also learn how to lift advisor holds, view unofficial transcripts, and view class rosters. Administrative Staff & Academic Advisors
Transferology Lab Advisors and staff will learn how to use the advising tool, Transferology Lab, to assist in advising prospective and current transfer students.  Administrative Staff & Academic Advisors