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Spring 2020 Final Grades and Emergency Grades

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Final Grades:

  • Final grades have been successfully “rolled” to student records. As a result, students and advisors can now see final grades on ULink.
  • Please note that additional processes and quality control checks will be taking place during the day tomorrow (Tuesday), so student records remain unofficial at this time. However, if your office reviews final grades only, this information is now available in the system.
  • You will receive an email once all processing is completed.

Emergency Grades:

In accordance with the COVID-19 Grading Policy Modifications for Spring 2020, please be aware of the following:

  • Students may begin requesting emergency grades tomorrow, May 12.
  • Requests must be received in the student’s dean’s office by May 20.
  • Instructions for students to request an emergency grade are available online at
  • Each college has designated a specific email address where students must send requests for emergency grades. A list of these email addresses is available in the online instructions.
  • Students are responsible for following the instructions when requesting an emergency grade. Not adhering to the instructions and/or sending a request to a different e-mail address than what is listed in the instructions may result in the request not being approved.

Please continue to monitor your university email for important updates.