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DegreeWorks is a web-based planning tool to help students and advisors monitor students’ progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks provides all course requirements for a degree in a particular catalog and which requirements have already been satisfied in an easy to read and understandable audit. DegreeWorks audit provides a complete review of all previous, current, and in-progress coursework. It displays information on which requirements are completed and any outstanding requirements necessary to complete a particular degree, major, minor, and/or concentration.


  • Phase 1: The Office of the University Registrar  began the implementation of DegreeWorks in the Summer of 2016. During this time, 2016-2017 curriculum was scribbled into the DegreeWorks system. *Students in prior catalogs will continue to have manual paper audits with their Academic Dean's Office.
  • Phase 2: Effective FA17, DegreeWorks is currently available to all advisors. Advisors have been going through training in regard to navigating and interpreting the DegreeWorks system.
  • Phase 3: Provide accessibility of DegreeWorks to all currently enrolled students who are pursuing curriculum within the 2016-17 catalog. We are currently working on completing the 2017-18 catalog.

    For updates on the DegreeWorks implementation process, please continue to monitor this page.


Contact Information:
Elizabeth Daigle, Assistant Registrar
Martin Hall Room 171