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Consent and Withhold of Information

Permission to Release Eduational Record

The Office of the University Registrar has a FERPA Consent to Release form that allows an authorized third party to contact the University on behalf of the student to discuss or request educational records. 

Additional Information:
This consent form may be rescinded by the student at anytime.
A form must be completed for each third party designee who is granted access to the educational record. 
Passcode is require and must be shared with third party designess in order for them to be verified as the designee permitted to record.
Form must be submitted to from the student by use of their University-issued email account. 

Request to Withhold Directory Information

Students may complete a request to withhold their directory information to the Office of the University Registrar. This form must be completed in person by the requestor (Martin Hall - Room 171). Upon the request to withhold directory information, the Registrar's Office will counsel students on what information will be withheld and what may be impacted.