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Register for Classes

What is registration?
Registration is a process which includes the following:

  •   Academic Advising with a faculty/staff member.
  •   Registering for courses for the specified term.
  •   Paying your tuition bill/Confirming attendance.

GET READY: Everything you need to do prior to Registration!

Before Registering
1) Meet with your Advisor
- Students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. In their advising session, students will be counseled on their course load and recommended courses to enroll in to make academic progress towards their degree.
-Once the advising session is over, the Academic Advisor will lift the student’s advising hold which allows a student (if no other hold preventing registration exist) to register during their registration appointment time.

2) Plan your schedule
-It is best practice and most efficient to review the Schedule of Classes for details about course availability.

3) Check for prerequisites and co-requisites
-A prerequisite is an academic requirement that must be satisfied before enrollment of a desired course. Failure to meet a prerequisite is a FATAL registration error, in which a student will not be allowed to register for the course.
-A co-requisite is an academic requirement in which two courses are to be taken during the same term.
These courses must be scheduled together during registration.
-View the Catalog  to see listed  pre/co-reqs.

Registration Status
Your registration status can be viewed in the portal (ULink) under "Get Ready to Register."

1) Check your registration appointment time
-Registration appointment times are based on progress toward degree completion for Undergraduates.
-Registration appointment times for Graduates are based on their status as a Graduate Student..

2) Check for holds/ Clear Holds
-A hold is restriction on your record that prevents registration, transcripts, or some other access as noted.

Instructions on how to check you appointment time and holds!

GET REGISTERED: Get online and grab your classes!

Registering for Class
1) When accessing registration during your scheduled appointment time,  sign into using your ULID and Password.
2) Once you successfully log-in to —Click the “Student” tab to access registration.
3) Click “Registration”
4) Click “Look Up Classes”
5) Select the term or date range. Utilizing the drop down menu please select the appropriate term.
6) Look up courses by Subject or perform an Advanced Search.
7) A listing of course will be generated in which can be filtered out by individual sections.
8) Begin building your schedule by viewing the course information.
9) If the course is a desired course, it can be registered by checking the selection box under “Select” and either clicking Register or Add to Work Sheet.

Instructions on how to register!

COMPLETING REGISTRATION: Verify and make payment!

Verify your schedule
Once you have completed registering for all courses, please double check your schedule to be sure that you have scheduled all courses needed at the most ideal times available for your schedule.

Pay your bill
Registration is not completed unless a student consents and payment for tuition and fees has been completed by the payment deadline.
Payment options:
Online, In-Person, Drop Box in the Student Cashier Center, By Mail